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Tobi Wulff Photography

  1. 2017-07-08-17-01-17-wm.jpg

    Sunset in the tussock hills of North Canterbury. Exposure and color adjustments, sharpening and cropping in Darktable.

  2. 2017-06-26-08-14-06-wm.jpg

    Sunrise over Christchurch on a frosty morning. Excellent visibility far into the mountains to the north. Colour and exposure adju…

  3. 2017-07-02-11-34-08-wm.jpg

    Hakatere high-country and Lake Heron after a big snow dump. Canterbury, NZ. Colour and exposure adjustments, sharpening and cropp…

  4. Sunset Panorama

    View of the Arrowsmith Range at sunset from Peak Hill in the Rakaia River valley. Crop, exposure and colour adjustments, denoise…

  5. Urban Winter Sunset

    Sunset in winter in the city after a cloudy and stormy day just as the sun was setting.

  6. Big Views into the Mountains

    Grand views from Peak Hill over Lake Coleridge and towards the snowy Southern Alps at sunset. Canterbury, NZ. Exposure and color…

  7. Foggy Mountain Tops

    Clouds hanging around the peaks near Lake Wilson and the Valley of the Trolls in Fiordland National Park, NZ. Exposure and color…

  8. Sunset in the Valley

    Sunset in the Valley of the Trolls, Fiordland, NZ. One of the most beautiful places along the Routeburn Track. Colour and exposur…

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