Outdoor Photography and Videography

Tobi Wulff Photography

  1. Foothills Evening Glow

    Warm golden sunset light breaking through the clouds just as the weather was clearing. Cropping, contrast, exposure and colour ad…

  2. Crepuscular Rays

    Sunlight breaking through the clouds above Mt Thomas Forest. Cropping, contrast and sharpening, exposure and colour adjustments i…

  3. Chapel in the Rain

    Little wooden chapel next to an Austrian farm in the mountains during a heavy thunderstorm downpour. Cropping, exposure and colou…

  4. Frosty Mountain View

    Frosty trees and sunset view down into the Waimakariri Valley. Exposure and colour adjustments, sharpening and cropping in Darkta…

  5. Clouds in the Field

    Late summer evening clouds over a lush wheat field. Cropping, exposure and colour adjustments and sharpening in Darktable.

  6. Golden Autumn

    Morning sunlight in Hagley Park. Exposure and colour adjustments, cropping, sharpening and denoise in Darktable.

  7. North Routeburn

    Sunset in the North Routeburn, Aspiring National Park, NZ. Cropping, exposure and contrast adjustments, monochrome processing in…

  8. Morning Light

    A mountain near South Temple Hut in the morning. Monochrome development, cropping and noise reduction in Darktable.

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