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Tobi Wulff Photography

  1. Big Peak

    King Peak on the West Coast, NZ in the morning while walking down the Whataroa. Cropping, contrast, exposure and colour adjustmen…

  2. Waiting for the Sled

    Sledge dog waiting for his call at the sledge races in Hagley Park. Shot on Ilford XP2 Super black & white film with an Olympus O…

  3. Path through the Forest

    Old walking track on the West Coast. Cropping, colour and exposure corrections in Darktable.

  4. Tops Journey

    Toaroha Range tops on the West Coast of New Zealand. Cropping, sharpening, denoise, colour and exposure adjustments in Darktable.

  5. Carroll Hut

    Carroll Hut on the Kelly Range in late winter, looking South West down the Southern Alps. Cropping, contrast, colour and exposure…

  6. Winter Tops

    Kelly Range tops in Westland in late winter. Cropping, contrast, colour and exposure adjustments in Darktable.

  7. Lyttleton Harbour

    Diorama effect straight out of Olympus camera.

  8. Butterfly

    Butterfly in the gardens at Singapore Changi Airport. Cropping, sharpening, de-noising, exposure and colour corrections in Darkta…

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