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Tobi Wulff Photography

  1. Ridge Line

    On the way down from Castle Hill Peak, Canterbury, NZ. Cropping, exposure adjustments, sharpening and noise reduction in Darktabl…

  2. Busy Beach

    Sunset at Sumner Beach, looking NW. Cropping, colour and exposure adjustments in Darktable.

  3. Friends

    Very tame Kea on Mt Aicken, Arthurs Pass National Park. Exposure and colour corrections in Darktable. Some selective sharpening a…

  4. Pukaki Sunrise

    Looking East over Lake Pukaki. Exposure and colour corrections, sharpening and cropping in Darktable.

  5. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly eating another insect, photographed in a side creek of the Styx River, Westland. Exposure and colour corrections, sharp…

  6. River Confluence

    Hawdon and Waimakariri confluence in Arthurs Pass National Park, NZ as seen from a spur about 800 m above. Diorama effect straigh…

  7. Forest River

    Major side creek on the Young Valley track, Aspiring National Park. Exposure and colour adjustments in Darktable.

  8. Mt Cook Buttercup

    Closeup of a Mt Cook Buttercup on a rainy day in Aspiring National Park. Selective colour and brightness adjustments in Darktable…

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