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Tobi Wulff Photography

  1. Lunar Eclipse 2014

    A composite of 3 different shots of the Lunar Eclipse over NZ in October. Shot through the eye piece of a Galileoscope at 25x magn…

  2. Hello Kea

    Kea posing on a dead tree stump on Lagoon Saddle, Arthurs Pass National Park. Some colour and exposure adjustments and cropping i…

  3. Sky High

    Skyscraper in Singapore. Channel mixer to grayscale and cropping in Darktable.

  4. Watchful Bellbird

    A bell bird taking a break and looking around while feeding on insects off a tree. Exposure adjustments, cropping and noise reduc…

  5. Canterbury Plains Sunset

    Sunset over the Canterbury Plains and Rangitata River, looking towards Mt Hutt from Little Mt Peel. Cropping, exposure and colour…

  6. Seagulls at Sunrise

    Exposure adjustments to control the bright sky, and cropping in Darktable.

  7. Frost and Light

    Colour and exposure adjustments, chroma and luma denoise, clarity and cropping in Darktable.

  8. Glowing Tree

    Colour and exposure adjustments, cropping and selective softening in Darktable.

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