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  1. Rock Sculpture

    Rock sculpture on the ridge north of Lake Morgan Hut. Colour and highlights/shadows adjustments, cropping and desaturation of fil…

  2. Glowing Tree

    Colour and exposure adjustments, cropping and selective softening in Darktable.

  3. Sunrise Arrowsmith Range

    Colour and exposure adjustments, ND grad filter, chroma and luma denoise, clarity and cropping in Darktable.

  4. Frost and Light

    Colour and exposure adjustments, chroma and luma denoise, clarity and cropping in Darktable.

  5. Seagulls at Sunrise

    Exposure adjustments to control the bright sky, and cropping in Darktable.

  6. Canterbury Plains Sunset

    Sunset over the Canterbury Plains and Rangitata River, looking towards Mt Hutt from Little Mt Peel. Cropping, exposure and colour…

  7. Lyttleton Harbour

    Diorama effect straight out of Olympus camera.

  8. Ridge Line

    On the way down from Castle Hill Peak, Canterbury, NZ. Cropping, exposure adjustments, sharpening and noise reduction in Darktabl…

  9. Busy Beach

    Sunset at Sumner Beach, looking NW. Cropping, colour and exposure adjustments in Darktable.

  10. Pukaki Sunrise

    Looking East over Lake Pukaki. Exposure and colour corrections, sharpening and cropping in Darktable.

  11. River Confluence

    Hawdon and Waimakariri confluence in Arthurs Pass National Park, NZ as seen from a spur about 800 m above. Diorama effect straigh…

  12. Forest River

    Major side creek on the Young Valley track, Aspiring National Park. Exposure and colour adjustments in Darktable.

  13. Winter Tops

    Kelly Range tops in Westland in late winter. Cropping, contrast, colour and exposure adjustments in Darktable.

  14. Carroll Hut

    Carroll Hut on the Kelly Range in late winter, looking South West down the Southern Alps. Cropping, contrast, colour and exposure…

  15. Big Peak

    King Peak on the West Coast, NZ in the morning while walking down the Whataroa. Cropping, contrast, exposure and colour adjustmen…

  16. Tops Journey

    Toaroha Range tops on the West Coast of New Zealand. Cropping, sharpening, denoise, colour and exposure adjustments in Darktable.

  17. Into the Rainforest

    Butler swingbridge just above Butler Junction Hut on the way to Ice Lake, West Coast, NZ, on a misty morning. Exposure, contrast…

  18. A Sunset like a Painting

    Sunset on the West Coast, NZ, looking down the Butler River from Butler Junction Hut. Exposure (incl. selective and graduated), c…

  19. Colorful Sunset

    Very colorful sunset with swirls of clouds and mist from Black Hill, Canterbury, NZ. Cropping, sharpening, contrast, exposure and…

  20. Beach Sunset and Shadows

    Taylors Mistake Beach in late afternoon. Exposure, colour adjustments, selective exposure, denoise, cropping, sharpening in Darkt…

  21. Beech Forest meets Clear River

    Shot in forests of Fiordland, NZ. Cropping, colour and exposure adjustments, tone curve and sharpening in Darktable.

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